Update – 4/23/2018

I got a reminder today that I started this project about a month ago–and what a month it has been! A lot has happened in my personal life, with small amounts of work on the project to find my bà ngoại. Here’s a quick update of where we stand so far:

  • I am seeking a research intern to help me with translations. See and share the job posting here: https://findingbangoai.wordpress.com/research-intern-needed/
  • Primary documents: I have started to sort through photos and letters that my mom has saved over the past 40 years. Next steps will be digitizing these items, tagging them in Dedoose, and moving them into acid-free environments. Updates with photos of these things will be coming soon, I promise. I should give the original photos and letters back to my mom when I see her the first weekend of May, so I have a hard deadline! 😉
  • Social media connections: I found two Facebook communities that I expect will help me a lot in my research. The first is a group of vets who served at the Phu Loi base where my parents met. These amazing men and women are sharing stories and photos from their time in Vietnam. The second group is “DNA Detectives,” a group dedicated to helping people find biological family through DNA tests like the on provided by Ancestry.com.

I’m working on my next reflective entry focused on birth: birthdays, birth certificates, and the birth of this project. I hope that will be ready to share later this week!

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